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GET HEALTHY, Stay Healthy


Unique digital interventions and life-changing intensive experiences lead by professionals who will help you thrive!



LiveWell Coaching is an app-based wellness program that is grounded in science and gives you personal interaction with a mental health professional everyday.

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1. Set an appointment with an Intake Specialist

2. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play

3. Set goals with your coach

4. Get healthy

Coaching & Workshops
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Our founder Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle has created an audio experience that will help you calm your brain and your body down in 20 minutes.

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Those who are LIVING WELL

CEO of Social Services

Organization in Florida

"With as chaotic as my life can be some days and the fast pace at which leadership happens, I have found the LiveWell app to be a great centering point for me throughout my day. The tasks that my coach set for me are challenging yet obtainable.  All the new information I have received from my coach about healthy living has been inspiring and motivating.  I'm more engaged as a leader and healthier at home.  This app has been a great addition to my personal leadership growth plan."

College student

Melbourne, FL

"I have been using the LiveWell Coaching app for several weeks.  It has helped me manage stress at school and in social situations.  The fact that my coach sends tasks right to my phone makes it easy to remember to practice the coping skills."

Chris Adams

CEO Ellis Adams Group  

"The LiveWell app is the wellness solution I have been looking for!  My team needed a practical and motivating wellness program that would provide information in an engaging way and provide accountability with follow-through.  All the other wellness programs I considered were purely based on technology.  The LiveWell app has incredibly creative technology, but our coach used that technology to connect with my entire team and inspire them to get healthy mentally and physically.  Bottom Line: my team is less-stressed and more engaged."

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